Unique Membership Services

NCQP is a unique, Independent Membership Organisation, exclusively for Care Quality & Care Sector Professionals. 

We are also passionate about enabling Care Quality Professionals from all care, support, training and care quality consultancy settings to share innovative ideas and best practice on our NCQP platform...


A Shared Vision of Outstanding Care Quality

Join us to raise standards of Care Quality together! 

See the link below for more information about the goals and purpose of the NCQP

From Samuel Barrington, Founder of National Care Quality Professionals: (NCQP)

Join us in building a national culture, where Care Managers and Care staff are not only focused on the possible consequences of non-compliance.  

Instead, as the members of National Care Quality Professionals (NCQP), let’s change the narrative, focussing on the positive future that we will help to create by learning from each other on a national level and from outstanding practice that really makes a huge difference to Individual quality of life and wellbeing.  

We should not let our past expectations define where we can go now and in the future together, creating new opportunity through sharing innovation, experience and knowledge.  

Let’s not allow anything to prevent us achieving our shared vision of Outstanding care quality, for each and every individual.....

.....Every single day. 


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